Our Inner guiding light

Each one of us has an inner guiding light that often gets dimmed by past regrets, future worries, fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and mind conditioning. All it takes to illuminate is for someone to hold your hand and direct you towards it

Live a Joyful Life

Let’s embark on this journey


To help people unleash their full potential and create a joyful life

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to share the skills and life lessons that I have learned with others to help them heal and discover their full potential. Empowering others to create a life filled with joy, purpose and growth.

Meet the founder

In my life, I have had many ups and downs, lots of joyful moments and many challenging moments. I’ve met some wonderful people, teachers, mentors and guides. All of these moments have helped me unlearn and learn many life-enhancing skills that have made me who I am today.

Our Specialties

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Leadership Coaching

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Salome Mulugeta

(Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Journalist)

I’m truly honoured to write this testimonial for Aman. I have known Aman for more than 15 years, and I can honestly tell you that she is a beautiful person inside and out!!! She is kind, giving, caring and very generous.




Tammy Ramsay

(Host of GET LEVELED Podcast)

Amandeep has been my lifestyle coach for the past 4 years and has elevated my life in monumental ways! Not only is she an excellent and compassionate listener, she is a wealth of wisdom and after every conversation, I’m left with a deep lesson or new perspective.



Kids – Testimonials

Our Partners

If you want to shine don’t try to be, just be

Inspired by a beautiful photograph i saw on twitter yesterday by Rich Cruse.  He has a gift of capturing nature at its best and has a eye for beauty which can be easily missed if we are not present enough. A View from the Oceanside Pier - April 8, 2013...

Where did they go……

One afternoon she was sitting with me,casually on the bed. I had just finished my homework and was drawing casually on a piece of paper. I remember it like yesterday. She started drawing with me , She drew a flower on a paper. This is the flower she had tough me how...

Reverence for life

Reverence for life Read first few chapters of Gary Zukav book " The seat of the Soul " again. How could I miss this , I read this book and re read chapters , but this time it seems new and it just resonated with me like never before. This book is a masterpiece. This...